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Video Lesson

Today's lesson covers the introduction to the series. After that, I move onto designing your first level that captures the player to want to move forward and play it. While Super Mario Maker doesn't give you the ability to make a brand-new game, with the options available to you you will have the chance to introduce players to brand new obstacles, enemies, and so forth.


Homework: Due on Monday, September 28th, 2015 by 6 AM EDT.

- make your own 1-1 that introduces a player to a mechanic they'll be seeing throughout your future levels (or use one that already exists in SMB)

- use any game-style, and preferably the "ground" level type

- have fun!


Levels I made in the style of today's lesson:

"Odin 1-1: Mario Fundamentals" 2E80-0000-003A-29CC

"Odin 1-2: Fire Traps Ahead" ABF5-0000-005B-93D5


Would you like to participate and get graded? E-mail me at "[email protected]" with your level code and any other information you want to share and I'll get back to you. It's all for fun! :D


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“1-1 Homework” submitted by Nick. YT: MrSloby NNID: Boombates



Game: Super Mario World

Theme: Ground

Sub-Area Used: Yes


Description of level: The theme of the level introduced the ability to kick shells around to remove obstacles such as the turn blocks, most of which have Bullet Bill blasters on them that fall down. You can unintentionally get the Beetle Helmet which doesn’t serve a purpose here except for an extra hit.


Sub-area is visited twice, the first in an optional bonus area that gives you coins and secondly is to progress through the level features more Bullet Bill blasters.


The end of the level tape can easily be reached with the mushroom platform.


Grading: 100%


Comments: Well you hit all the points I asked for, and came up with a unique idea that could certainly get much more involved if we could create our own worlds (hopefully that comes in a future update). It’s simple enough for a new player but does have some challenge as it’s not a traditional left to right level, which encourages exploration.


If I had to comment on anything I’d say it’s pretty long for a first level. I know I didn’t really ask for a short level so I won’t take marks off. To shorten the level, I would’ve not included the sub-area with the blasters and just took down the wall between the pipe and the goal tape.


Also thanks for choosing to participate in this. I was definitely as stoked as you to play this game but I had to wait the whole weekend after it came out to play as there was some issues I had with shipping. It sucked, but it’s in the past now. Thanks for watching my videos all these years! :)


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