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Video Lesson

Today's lesson goes over the tools you'll need to make your level literally look nice to play. Not necessarily just what blocks to put down, but teaching you have to have full control over Super Mario Maker's tools with the various shortcuts and customization options. This also further cements the idea of Lesson 1 with introducing new mechanics and utilizing them throughout your level.


Homework: Due on Sunday, October 4th, 2015 by 11 PM EDT.

- use one of the premade layouts when you start up Super Mario Maker and build off of it, creating your own unique theme

- use any game and theme style

- familiarize yourself with the copy-paste tool and multi-grab and deck your level out with the ground block details that pop up

- have fun!


Examples used for this week's lesson:

"Deep Sea Glacier" by WillWare (B069-0000-0035-94A1)


Would you like to participate and get graded? E-mail me at "[email protected]" with your level code and any other information you want to share and I'll get back to you. It's all for fun! :D


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