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Been messing around with the site a bunch since I started using it again, getting ready for when I get some traffic flowing here. Some of the additions include:


  1. There is a social media links bar on the homepage, which was formerly just directly in the main part I think it looks better off to the side.
  2. One of the social media links is a Chatango box, because I can't embed anything (or use custom HTML) unless I pay for a premium site which kinda sucks.
  3. Forums were added for Super Mario Maker, two sub-categories exist (Mario Maker 101 & Levels/Ideas).
  4. Mario Maker 101 is in the link heading, when clicked it goes to the relevant forums which I didn't even know I could do until I was goofing off and figured it out (this paves the way for various other headings such as multiplayer-related stuff).
  5. There's a small about me section at the bottom of the page, and right above that is my most current YouTube video which I have to manually update so hopefully it stays current.
  6. I added a PayPal donate button if you wanna lend me a couple of bucks to help out, because eventually I'll have to start paying for this site if enough people show up.

Right now these forums are just me talking to myself but if you happen to stop on by please sign up and join the discussion. Thanks for reading.



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