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It's been a full year since the last HeroQuest stream, and it specifically ended on this event. While I don't plan on fully bringing back HeroQuest (as I have other ideas), I figured it would be fun to play it again on Halloween because it was great last year!

To veterans: Your characters will be unnecessary for this event. Characters will be pre-made for people to use, and rules modified for the event. It will be a fun time, promise.

You can sign-up by posting here. We will be playing the "Mercs vs. Wolves (3 vs. 3)" mode that was played last year, and we will try to get in as many rounds as possible for the night. Priority will be given to who signs up first here, and who has prior experience to ensure a smooth event. Newcomers are still welcome, just keep in mind there will be a steep learning curve considering the characters and monsters will be much more advanced than a freshly rolled character.

Details regarding how to actually play will be coming very soon once I have the characters, rules and board finalized. I hope to see you all there!


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Hey man, I am definitely down for more Fear-o Quest action!

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I would love to give Fear-o-Quest a try! Hopefully I perform as well as I did as Momo at ConBravo. :P

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You KNOW I'm down!  Gotta get in that #bloodknight action, after all ;)


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I want in on this! :O

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